October 1st, 09 – Jake 7

Jacob is doing well. He has had 2 1/2 weeks off chemo and felt tired but well and has had a lovely time with friends and family pushing the limits of what is allowed for a boy that should really be staying away from germs inside. Thank goodness for the summer sun and warm pub gardens.

We have just heard that his planned 4 weeks of chemo at the local hospital starting on Monday as an outpatient have had to be changed.
He will have to go to the Marsden in Sutton daily instead.  The Kent and Canterbury pharmacy has been closed due to redecorations. (!) Aaaargh . We will have to be kings of the M25 daily and reorganise our lives and jobs yet again. Luckily our car is in reasonable nick. When we think of the inconvenience of this, it isn’t a very great mental leap to wonder what we would do if we were living in the remote Indian village we went to in the summer. What on earth would they do in similar circumstances?

Thank you again for your support, messages, gifts and friendship with us,

Love Cherry, Jake and Jonathan

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