November 5th, 09 – Jake 8

Jacob is relieved to have a week’s break from chemotherapy and instantly felt better. He hasn’t had another seizure but of course we are all very nervous in case it happens again, so are having to arrange our lives for now so that there is always someone with him.
This isn’t great for a 20 year old independent student, but he doesn’t complain.
Our workplaces are still being tolerant of our many absences, but we wonder for how long, only one of us can go to work at a time.
His blood clotting is not working so a nose bleed took nearly an hour to control yesterday, another reason why we can’t leave him alone.
We go for walks every day and he’s still getting great pleasure from playing the piano (and so are we to listen to him), and looking forward to getting back to his studies, but it is a long and unpleasant haul so please keep praying.
Best wishes, Cherry, Jonathan and Jake

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