Show 89…Dancing and Horses: Jenni Hodgman


Highland dancing and horse riding were two of the subjects Jenni Hodgman took at her Australian homeschool and after graduation, instead of going to University, she took a gap year or three to discover the world and unravel her dream. She has danced with OzScot Australia in Edinburgh, Oman and Sydney. She and a friend backpacked through Europe. In Alberta, Canada, she was introduced to a top Western horse trainer, who offered her a job for the summer. Her family took a very unstructured approach to homeschooling which rubbed off on this young lady who, after several gap years decided to return to Australia to get educated. Today she is working in a pub and studying a Bachelor of Arts at Monash University. Jenni is following her homeschooled principles of studying what she enjoys. Join us this Friday and hear how she has taken her un-schooling experience and ridden and danced her way around the world! You’ll be captivated by this bright young woman.



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