June 6th, 10 – Jake 24
We’re having a lovely spell of freedom from hospital at home ’til we go back in on 18th June in preparation for the transplant in 24th. The sun’s been shining and we’ve been able to behave like normal people. Jake’s been feeling really well and has been reading, cooking and playing the piano.

We’re hoping for fine weather on June 16th so we can have an informal ‘at home’ in the garden between 6 and 8 p.m. We’d love you to pop in for a drink to wish Jake good cheer for the transplant if you live near enough, would like to, have time and are germ free. It will only be a problem if the weather’s bad because of the possibility of infection in the enclosed space of the house, so please give a ring (767896) if it looks dodgy, as we may have to cancel at the last minute. We’ll do a little rain dance in the mean time to ward it off.

Love Jake, Jonathan and Cherry

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