June 28th, 11 – Jake 51 Naomi’s Eulogy

Naomi’s Eulogy

I love it that Jake was so unique.

When he was younger, he wanted to be a flamenco dancer, and really wanted a big red spotty dress.

I loved the silly humour between Jake and me; making him giggle in quiet waiting rooms, tickling him whilst on the phone, watching Ricky Gervaise and copying all his mannerisms.

I loved it that Jacob drank port and lemonade while others drank pints. I recently found out that he had a glass of champagne on every train journey.

Jake never hurt or was horrible to anyone or anything. He was not only my brother but also my friend.

I feel so happy to have had him in my life, but so sad that he is gone.

As Nana says, ‘he’s not gone; we just won’t see him any more.’

Jake played like an angel, and now he is one.

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