June 28th, 11 – Jake 52, Ben’s Eulogy

Ben’s eulogy

The last time that many of us were here in this beautiful building we were all hearing Jacobs wonderful music. My heart was pounding, aching with pride and happiness.  This is how I feel today and every time I think of my dearest brother, this is how we all will remember our dearest Jake.

Jake had such an amazing way of making me, and everyone that he was with, feel so special. His love was unconditional and totally pure. This is the gift that my parents gave to us all but Jake seemed to be able to use this gift so effortlessly.

He makes me so happy when I think of the things we have done together.  Just 8 weeks ago Jake phoned me up and asked me to bring my bike over. When I got there I was sure that we would take a very steady ride round the block. Jake had a twinkle in his eye and said that he knew where he wanted to go. After 6 miles, both of us panting Jake led me through the gates to a countryside cafe.  Jake smiled and pointed at the largest scones with cream and jam man has ever seen. It was then I realised why Jake wanted to cycle so far!

He was such a good brother, he was mature beyond his years and one of the funniest people on earth. In fact his dancing WAS the funniest the world has ever seen.

Jake, my brother, my friend, my inspiration.

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