June 20th, 10 – Jake 25
Dear All,

This is just a short email from us all to thank all who were able to come to our party on Thursday.  I was hugely moved at the number of people who made it to give me such a great send off! It was also so kind of all of you who brought things to eat and drink, this really was such a help

We are now back at the Marsden and I have started my preparation for my transplant already with an absolute shed load of chemotherapy! I reacted to this almost instantly with a high fever and swollen glands all around my neck, however with the help of steroids and anti-histamine treatment this calmed down. In tandem my brother Ben has begun his injections to stimulate his body to over produce stem cells in readiness for the harvest and transplant which will take place on Thursday the 24th.

We are all in good spirits here, no doubt buoyed up by the huge amount of support we have received from all the family and friends that are with us every step of the way.

I will continue to update you all as long as I feel up to it, however Mum and Dad may have to take over at some point

With lots of love and best wishes to all of you,

Jake and the Barnes Family

This is my new address for a while!

Jacob Barnes (Patient)
Room 12b Bud East Ward
The Royal Marsden Hospital
Downs Road

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