February 1st, 10 – Jake 10(2)
We are sorry to tell you that Jacob has had a sudden and very strong reaction to one of the drugs that he has to take which has left him in a deep and dangerous depression. He is  isolated, sad and anxious, and finds any kind of social situation confusing and frightening. We are with him all of the time to keep him safe through this bleak period, but we are of course very frightened by this, and appreciate your friendship, prayers and understanding. Having leukaemia is bad enough but this is particularly dreadful to bear as well.

The steroid which also caused him trouble in hospital before has well known side effects has now been stopped and he should return back to normal so we hope this will be over quickly.  Of course there are no guarantees of when that might be. We were warned of this, but it took it’s place amongst the horrific list of other side effects that he had to sign for, and we hoped for the best, knowing that the drug was a vital part of his recovery.

Probably a visit at the moment would not be a good idea, but we’ll let you know when he feels up to it again. We are all a bit desocialised now so may not always cope well with direct contact, but an email or text would be great and we’ll reply when things are a bit better.
Love Jonathan and Cherry

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