Beyond Our Boundaries…

I met Renee Tougas when I stumbled upon her blog, Fun in My Backyard (FIMBY) a play on the phrase, Not in My Back Yard (NIMBY) which we English employ when the government tries to encroach on our wide open green spaces with proposals for motorways or airports,

“What a great idea,” we enthuse “only NIMBY!”

Renee has joined me three times on my show, The Sociable Homeschooler, and from the start we clicked in that special way of women who love to write, read, share journeys, educate their families, hike and say “I do” in our marriage year after year.

She and her family live  on the side of a mountain in the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec in Canada.  They are location independent, outdoors enthusiasts, designers and artists, adventurers, programmers and homemakers, naturalists, sewists and idealists and followers in the way of Christ.

And that’s not the end of it!

For a long time now they have been preparing for a hike to end all hikes.  The family, three children aged 15, 13 and 11, husband Damien of Toe Salad fame, and Renee are going to thru hike the Appalachian Trail starting at the beginning of April and ending in September.

She will be with me to talk about preparations for the thru-hike on February 7th and 28th so join us then.

That’s 2000 miles of walking and naturally I have some questions so Renee is going to take a break from planning, to visit her little cafe in the nearby town and talk to me about the whole family adventure.

I’ll keep you posted as to when that show will air but in the meantime visit their Kickstarter Page to learn more about how you can support them to raise money for their, Beyond Our Boundaries Video series.

They are looking for $16.000 to make their films.  Since they will be too busy hiking and eating to have the time or opportunity to edit their material and publish the episodes they are partnering with a video editor who will edit, produce, and publish each episode for them.  Their plan is whenever they get to a town stop along the way, they will mail the memory cards to their editor who will in turn produce and publish the videos.

Their goal is to bring you more than 20, 10-15 minute episodes of the Tougas family up close and personal along the AT.

My prayers go with you my friend.

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