Show 166…Banning Homeschooling Violates Parental Rights: Mike Donnelly


Mike Donnelly is back with me this week and we are going to be talking about the impact the Romeike vs Holder hearing, at the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals this week, could have on American homeschoolers. Mike and his wife teach their seven children at home and he is a frequent speaker and writer on many home school related topics some of which have been aired with me on this show. Mike also serves as Staff Attorney and Director of International Relations for member affairs at the Home School Legal Defense Association and is Adjunct Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College, in Virginia. Today’s conversation will centre around the belief the American Government may have that it would not violate our rights if it decided to ban homeschooling entirely. Wither the thought and thank God for men like Mike whose work at HSLDA is to defend both the American and International right to choose how we educate our children. Join me on Toginet Radio and listen as Mike encourages us to defend our decisions to homeschool and be the parents God created us to be.

For myself, I’m going to be talking about the overwhelming task of packing 29 years of life into cardboard boxes!  House shaking, pool draining and wood repair, I’m drinking a well deserved cup of PG Tips to get me in the mood for England so what are we waiting for?  Stop whatever it is you’re doing and bear with me for an hour!

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