April 17th, 10 – Jake 20

Two wonderful bits of good news:

Jake has started to play the piano again. We cannot begin to tell you how happy this makes us all. It’s not completely back to normal yet of course, but a fantastic new beginning, when we thought maybe that chapter was going to be over. It’s such a treat to hear the house ringing again.
The bone marrow test showed that he is still in remission after not having had treatment since the beginning of the year.
Jake has had a lovely time with friends and music in London and has felt relatively well for the last couple of weeks.
We are still waiting for a decision about the next course of treatment, which has been delayed til a meeting on 26 April. He has more CT scans and investigations coming up this week to ascertain the cause of some unexpected swellings and pains in his neck and tummy.
Thank you all for supporting him in all your different ways. It really makes a difference.
Cherry, Jonathan and Jacob

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