Show 59…Parenting for Social Change: Teresa Brett


Teresa Brett

Have you caught yourself telling your children how they should be feeling: “that didn’t hurt!” or how long they can shed tears: “that’s enough, you can stop crying now.” Do you expect your children to say “please” and “thank you,” to be polite? Do you insist they are respectful of adults, not whine or yell, not get angry? Like me and many other parents, you probably answered yes to all the above. Enter my guest this week, Teresa Brett, author of the book, Parenting for Social Change. Teresa is returning to talk to us about strategies and tools for letting go of harmful control of our children. She homeschools her two young boys in the Sonoran Desert and is an advocate for being who we really are, from birth on up! Join us on Friday afternoon and be inspired to look deep within yourself and create new parenting paradigms.



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