Show 167…The Big Event: Samuel and Nathaniel Baggarley


I am delighted to have my two young nephews from England on my show this week.  Samuel and Nathaniel Baggarley came across the pond for the first time to attend the Wedding of the Year!  They were bedazzled and entertained, dined not whined and spent an inordinate amount of time wet.  They had a whirlwind five days cramming everything they could into their visit to take oodles of stories back home with them, from missing a plane to seeing the aftermath of a police car chase to the intricacies of a mail box and the deliciousness of sopapillas, from dancing at a wedding to setting off an alarm!  Join me to hear them chat unabashedly about what they did and how the American Way appeared to them.

I’m drinking tea with a piece of double chocolate, chocolate cake so let’s get on with things before the sugar rush hits!

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